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Publicaciones del año 2021

Autores Artículo Revista

P. Gajardo, C. Hermosilla

Pareto Fronts of the Set of Sustainable Thresholds for Constrained Control Systems

Applied Mathematics & Optimization; Vol. 83, pp 1103-1121

D. Gajardo, A. Mercado, J. C. Muñoz

Identification of the anti-diffusion coefficient for the linear Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Volume 495, Issue 2, 15 March 2021, 124747

A. Alegría, X. Emery, E. Porcu

Bivariate Matérn Covariances with Cross-Dimple for Modeling Coregionalized Variables

Spatial Statistics Volume 41, 2021, 100491.

J. Amaya, C. Hermosilla, E. Molina

Optimality conditions for the continuous model of the final open pit problem

Optimization letters; Vol. 15, pp. 991-1007

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Error Estimates for the Optimal Control of a Parabolic Fractional PDE

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 59(2), 1140–1165.

A. Alegría, P.G. Bissiri, G. Cleanthous, E. Porcu, P. White

Multivariate isotropic random fields on spheres: Nonparametric Bayesian modeling and Lp fast approximations

Electron. J. Statist. 15(1): 2360-2392 (2021).

F. Fuica, F. Lepe, E. Otárola, D. Quero

A posteriori error estimates in W^{1,p} \times L^p spaces for the Stokes system with Dirac measures

A. Alegría, F. Cuevas, P. Diggle, E. Porcu

The F-family of covariance functions: a Matérn analogue for modeling random fields on spheres

Spatial Statistics Volume 43, 2021, 100512.

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Error estimates for FEM discretizations of the Navier-Stokes equations with Dirac measures

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On the set of robust sustainable thresholds

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Existence and nonexistence of solutions for the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation

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Bifurcation analysis of a predator-prey model with predator intraspecific interactions and ratio-dependent functional response

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