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Publicaciones del año 2016

Autores Artículo Revista

D. Allard, M. Bourotte, E. Porcu

A flexible class of non-separable cross-covariance functions for multivariate space-time data

Spatial Statistics; Vol. 18-Part A, pp. 125-146; Nov. 2016

J. Tan, E. Cinti

A nonlinear Liouville theorem for fractional equations in the Heisenberg group

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications; Vol. 433(1), pp. 434-454; Jan. 1, 2016

A. Quaas, A. Xia

A Liouville type theorem for Lane-Emden systems involving the fractional Laplacian

Nonlinearity; Vol. 29(8), pp. 2279-2297; Aug. 2016

E. Hernández, M. Cascón, A. Engdahl, L. Ferragut

A reduced basis for a local high definition wind model

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering; Vol. 311, pp. 438-456; Nov. 2016

H. Antil, E. Otárola, , A.J. Salgado

A Space-Time Fractional Optimal Control Problem: Analysis and Discretization

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization; Vol. 54(3), pp. 1295-1328; 2016

R.H. Nochetto , E. Otárola, A.J. Salgado

A PDE Approach to Space-Time Fractional Parabolic Problems

SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis; Vol. 54(2), pp. 848-873; Mar. 29, 2016

P.L. Combettes, H. Attouch, L. Briceño

A strongly convergent primal-dual method for nonoverlapping domain decomposition

Numerische Mathematik; Vol. 133(3), pp. 443-470; Jul. 2016

J. Peypouquet, E. Jélvez, N. Morales, P. Nalcel, P. Reyes

Aggregation heuristic for the open-pit block scheduling problem

European Journal of Operational Research; Vol. 249(3), pp. 1169-1177; Mar. 16, 2016

X. Emery, D. Arroyo, E. Porcu

An improved spectral turning-bands algorithm for simulating stationary vector Gaussian random fields

Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment; Vol. 30(7), pp. 1863-1873; Oct. 2016

P. Valencia, S. Flores, M. Pinto, S. Almonacid

Analysis of the operational strategies for the enzymatic hydrolysis of food proteins in batch reactor

Journal of Food Engineering; Vol. 176, pp. 121-127; May 2016

J.E. Contreras

Analyzing Fish Condition Factor Index Through Skew-Gaussian Information Theory Quantifiers

Fluctuation and Noise Letters; Vol. 15(2), art. 1650013; Jun. 2016

D. Allard, R. Senoussi, E. Porcu

Anisotropy Models for Spatial Data

Mathematical Geosciences; Vol. 48(3), pp. 305-328; Apr. 2016

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Application of extreme learning machine for estimation of wind speed distribution

Climate Dynamics; Vol. 46(5-6), pp. 1893-1907; Mar. 2016


H. Chang, G. Dávila

Csigma, alpha estimates for concave, non-local parabolic equations with critical drift

Journal of Integral Equations and Applications; Vol. 28(3), pp. 373-394; Fall 2016

A. Rapaport, T. Bayen, M. Sebbah, A. Donoso, A. Torrico

Dynamical modeling and optimal control of landfills

Mathematical Models & Methods in Applied Sciences; Vol. 26(5), art. 901; May 2016